Basking in the Sun

fifty years in the Making


If you don’t like the CD once you’ve bought it just send it back to me and I’ll send you one I don’t like.

CD cover

My CD launch was planned for the Sheffield Seshfest Easter 2020 and of course like all other events it was rightly cancelled. We may have a seshfest next year, all being well, but it is much too early. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Seeing it took 50 years to get round to recording my songs a couple of years delay won’t make much difference.  Please to say after two years of recording, designing and painting the cover (and mostly dithering on my part) my CD is now in my possession and available at the princely some of £10. And I have to say it’s a bargain for the standard of musicianship on it. I’m immensely grateful to Tom Wright for pestering me into recording it over the past 5-6 years and producing it at Yellow Arch Studios and of course for playing on it. Also a big thank you to Joe Newman for mastering it and providing synth and additional brass.  I owe an enormous debt of thanks to Richard & Jess Arrowsmith, James Fagan & Nancy Kerr, Manny Grimsley and Joe Newman for their continuous support, time and talents. Last but not least a big thank you to Pete Delamere, John Newman, Steve Sinclair, Alec Thompson, Martin Watson and my lovely wife Annie for providing further support and much needed backing. If I had to pay them I’d be bankrupt! Finally a big thank you to the very talented Thom Wilson who spent many hours working with me on the CD cover and design

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Musicians on the CD

Richard & Jess Arrowsmith
James Fagan & Nancy Kerr
Manny Grimsley
Joe Newman
Tom Wright